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Air knife manufacturers briefly talk about the design principles of air knife

2021-09-21 12:00:00

First determine the product's drying requirements, whether it is fast or even pressure.

The shape of the blow-dried product is different, and the design method is different. For example, blow-dried flat-shaped glass generally adopts an open-type design.

The distance to dry the product is to design the pressure resistance and drainage wind speed of the air knife according to the distance.

The on-site installation space of the equipment is limited, so the design of the air knife needs to be compressed.

For air source conditions, if the high-pressure fan cannot be installed on site, only a small-size air knife design with compressed air can be used.

The working environment on site. The material used in the harsh environment requires higher requirements. Generally, the materials used are 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron, plastic and so on.

AA strong wind knife

Confirm the direction of the air inlet of the air knife. Due to equipment installation and aesthetic requirements, it is generally necessary to confirm the direction of the air inlet of the air knife in advance.

The diameter and number of the air inlet ducts of the Reitz air knife are related to the drying effect of the air knife. Significantly lower, the air output can not achieve pressure equalization.

The installation of the air knife is fixed, this condition can generally be ignored, of course, it is better to confirm it.

The adjustment method of the air knife is related to the direct drying effect, the drainage method adopted, the shape of the air knife, the angle of the air knife, etc.

If this factor is not taken into account for the sealing method of the air knife, air leakage may occur in the designed Retz air knife, and the effect will be greatly reduced, or even no effect. The design of the diversion and diversion system of the air knife is related to the issue of whether the wind speed of the air knife is uniform.

Hot air knife function

The hot air knife combines the functions of a heater and a high-speed air knife. It directly uses electric heating for drying. At the same time, it highlights the advantages of a hot air blower and a high-speed air knife, and greatly improves the drying effect. It can be divided into a standard type with direct air discharge or a circulating induced air type with hot air circulation, each with its own characteristics, which is convenient for use in different environments.

With stainless steel as the main body, it is durable. The air outlet is treated with straight-drawn aluminum alloy as the blade, which not only maintains the rigidity and strength, but also ensures reliable precision.

In addition to air compressors, vortex fans or centrifugal fans can also be used as the air source to reduce power consumption. The built-in thermocouple can be used as temperature control and over-temperature protection, and the terminal box is convenient for wiring.

A variety of air inlet diameters meet different air volume requirements, and two air inlet methods on both sides and top are available for easy installation.

Electric heating power can be selected from single-phase 1~3kW and three-phase 3kW~20kW (each 1kW is 100mm long). The width of the air outlet is adjustable (precision up to 0.1mm) and length up to 2m (up to 3m for custom-made), and the air outlet error is 5%.

A special temperature control box and fan (air compressor, vortex fan or centrifugal fan) must be used separately.



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