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How to test the high-pressure vortex fan?

2021-09-21 12:00:00

In order to ensure the safe operation of the high-pressure blower, special attention is generally paid to many aspects, especially its wiring and safety protection.

Because the high-pressure vortex fan does not have an overheating load protection device, there is no way to monitor the heat of the blower frequently, so an overload protection electromagnetic switch of the same horsepower must be installed.


Moreover, it is necessary to adjust the safety current below the same value on the nameplate. In addition, the standard wiring must be selected according to the horsepower of the motor and the method of electrical construction.

After the wiring of the high-pressure blower is completed, turn on the switch, so that you can confirm its rotation direction and whether there is noise. The direction of rotation is indicated by the arrow on the blower. For example, if the direction of rotation is incorrect, the order of suction and supply will be reversed.

If it is three-phase, replace any two of the three external wires. In addition, the high-voltage blower must be grounded to avoid accidents in the event of leakage.

The pressure relief valve of the high-pressure vortex blower accessories is installed on the suction port and the air outlet. When the pressure exceeds the pressure value set by the high-pressure blower, or the pressure fluctuation range in the high-pressure blower exceeds the set value, the pressure relief valve is within 0.2 seconds Open all immediately to release the excess pressure through the wind flow, thereby protecting the high-pressure blower.

In addition, the commissioning process of the high-pressure blower is particularly important, and the number of people present during the commissioning of the high-pressure blower should not be less than two. One person needs to control the power supply of the high-pressure blower, and the other person should pay attention to the various operating conditions of the high-pressure blower. If any abnormality is found, the person who controls the power supply must be notified and shut down immediately for detailed inspection.



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