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Understand the application of nozzle spray form

2021-09-21 12:00:00

⑴Solid nozzle spray

 Solid spray means that fuel or other working fluids are evenly distributed on the cross section of the spray cone. This kind of nozzle can be divided into two types: one is a simple direct jet nozzle, its jet cone angle is very small (less than 15), even almost straight jet. It has a long range and greater impact. It is also widely used in combustion equipment. There are also applications in non-combustion equipment, such as cleaning equipment, spraying, cooling, lubrication, fire protection and other industries.

The other is to install swirl vanes in the nozzle housing, and the spray cone angle can be 50°~120°. , Its impact is small. It is widely used in non-combustion equipment, and can also be used for cleaning, cooling, fire prevention, humidification, dust prevention, etc. Generally, the solid spray has a relatively coarse particle size. In order to reduce the particle size, air or steam can also be used to assist atomization.

Zhihui nozzle

⑵Hollow nozzle spray

Among the various spray methods listed above, it is the one with the most stringent requirements for spray quality (especially for aviation and ground gas turbine combustion chambers). In addition to being widely used in industrial furnaces, boilers, internal combustion engines, gas turbines and other combustion equipment, this type of nozzle is also widely used in non-combustion equipment. Because it can obtain the smallest average particle size, under the same spray pressure, spray flow rate and angle, the surface area of the processed workpiece can be increased, and the processing can be more delicate, which has a greater impact on the movement of the material. Therefore, hollow spray nozzles can produce good effects in gas cooling, air humidification, metal processing, dust control, gas cleaning, and chemical reactions. They are widely used in equipment in many industries such as powder preparation and spraying. The hollow spray nozzle can also be atomized with air or steam.

3) Fan nozzle spray   

Fan spray can be produced by the working fluid from multiple small holes in the nozzle clamp or multi-tube rake spray; it can also be sprayed from the working fluid through the circular hole to impact the outlet surface or through the long circular hole cross-section nozzle, and then through the V-shaped strip outside the nozzle. Sewing formed. Its impact force is second only to the direct spray nozzle with a small spray angle. It can arrange one or more drainage (cleaning liquid) curtains at a certain interval, and it can deal with large quantities of gravel, workpieces and fruits and vegetables arranged at a certain interval. Carry out assembly line cleaning; it is also possible to use the jet of cold (hot) air to cool, dry, and wash the parts.

(3) Nozzle layout

From the above various spray methods, it can be seen that the spray cone angle (or fan angle) starts from the nozzle end surface. As the axial distance increases, the spray spreading section (or lateral size) increases. For the annular combustion chamber of a gas turbine, there are many (up to 30) distributed on the circumference; for non-combustion equipment cleaning, lubrication, external coating and other devices will also arrange a large number of nozzles. Both require a more uniform flow distribution (or spray volume flux) to meet the functional requirements of the equipment. For this reason, it is necessary to prevent inappropriate liquid mist from overlapping, and arrange the nozzle layout. Rotating nozzle

Strictly speaking, it is best to ensure that the flow rate, spray cone angle, spray quality, spray volume flux of all nozzles (that is, the volume of liquid that passes through the unit detection area of the sample body per unit time) are basically equal (of course, these data must be passed Pre-detected), the nozzle spacing is arranged according to the torus or the long plane to ensure an even flow distribution.



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