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Do you know the difference between coarse and fine stainless steel screws, and how to distinguish it?

2021-09-21 12:00:00

In the application process of stainless steel screws, coarse and fine teeth have their own functional characteristics. Xinchun Fasteners reminds everyone that when purchasing, you should choose whether you should buy coarse or fine teeth according to the application of your product. The following is the difference between coarse teeth and fine teeth, and how to distinguish them.

Coarse thread: The so-called coarse thread actually refers to the standard thread. Unless otherwise specified, the stainless steel screws and other fasteners we generally buy are all coarse threads. Coarse threads are characterized by high strength, good interchangeability, and standards for comparison. Generally speaking, coarse threads should be the best choice. The disadvantage is that the self-locking property is lower than the fine teeth, and anti-loosening washers and self-locking devices should be installed in the vibration environment.

Titanium screws

Fine teeth: The thread pitch of fine teeth is smaller, so its characteristics are more conducive to self-locking, anti-loosening, and more teeth, which can reduce the effect of leakage and achieve the effect of sealing. In some dense occasions, fine-tooth stainless steel screws are more convenient to control and adjust. The disadvantage is that the tensile value, the strength is relatively low, and the thread is easy to damage. It is not recommended to disassemble and assemble multiple times. The matching nuts and other fasteners may be the same , with a slight error in size, which will easily damage the screws and nuts at the same time.

Coarse teeth and fine teeth can be distinguished from the appearance. The pitch and number of teeth between the two are different. The pitch of the coarse teeth is larger, the number of teeth is less, the pitch of fine teeth is smaller, and the number of teeth is more dense. In addition, it can be distinguished from the label. Generally, the pitch of the coarse teeth does not need to be marked, and the fine teeth need to be clearly marked. For example, the diameter of fine teeth: M12*1.25, which means that the diameter is M12, and the pitch is 1.25, while the pitch is generally not marked for coarse teeth.



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