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Brief analysis of the advantages and applications of plastic screws

2021-09-21 12:00:00

Plastic screws (plastic screws), also known as plastic screws, domestic commonly used plastic screws are made of hot melt injection molding. They are divided into main materials: nylon PA66 screws, PP screws, PVC screws, PE screws, etc. Each material has different characteristics, so The scope of application is also different.

Since the large-scale application of plastic products in industry and life in the 1970s, plastic products have become a relatively important branch of the petrochemical industry and have been used in many applications. Compared with traditional metal screws, plastic screws have excellent performance in many aspects.

Main physical performance indicators:

1. The joint between the head and the screw is torsion resistant

2. Whether the head groove, especially the cross head, fits the standard head size of the screwdriver.

3. The thread outer diameter, middle diameter and bottom diameter of plastic screws are standardized. Due to the water absorption of different plastics leading to size differences in different usage environments, this standard is not as strict as metal screws.

Main chemical performance index

1. Acid resistance

2. Alkali resistance

3. Fire rating

4. Insulation performance

Butterfly screw


1. Compared with ordinary metal screws, the advantages of plastic screws are that they have good insulation properties and are not conductive.

2. In addition, because of non-metal manufacturing, there will be no signal interference such as eddy current under the influence of current or other electrical signals, and its anti-interference is somewhat suitable for communications and other industries.

3. Plastic screws have better acid and alkali resistance. PVDF screws are followed by polypropylene. Both have strong acid and alkali resistance. Compared with the former two, nylon screws have poor resistance to strong acids and alkalis. , So in the strong acid-base environment of some electroplating industry, plastic screws, especially PVDF screws, have a wide range of applications

Application areas:

Plastic screws have high-quality characteristics such as insulation, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, beauty, and never rust. Modified engineering plastics have the strength and impact resistance comparable to metals. The plastic screws we often say are commonly called nylon screws. After 30% glass fiber, its mechanical properties are far better than ordinary nylon. The materials used in plastic screws are becoming more and more diversified, the performance is continuously improved, and the application fields are becoming wider and wider.

1. Medical equipment industry (insulation, non-magnetic, environmental protection, anti-interference signal, making the use of medical machinery and equipment safer)

2. Wind power industry (isolation and insulation of chassis circuit PCB boards)

3. Aerospace industry (insulation on electronic equipment, anti-interference signal)

4. Office equipment industry (never rust, beautiful and practical)

5. Petrochemical industry (high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, extending the service life of equipment)

6. Electronic industry (insulation, anti-interference, light weight)

7. Communication industry (insulation, non-magnetic, safety)

8. Shipbuilding industry (acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, prolong service life), etc...

The specifications and sizes of plastic screws are complete to meet the needs of different occasions.



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