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A-C round wind knife

A-C round wind knife

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Product name: AC round air knife/round open air knife (round strong air knife)

Round wind knife

Round strong wind knife

technical parameter







 AC round strong wind knife

32/38/45/51/60/ 76





The biggest advancement of the AC circular air knife is our unique blade. In the entire length, the blade extends 1/8" in the direction of the wind blowing, so that the air as a whole is sprayed straight out, so that the airflow is more reliable. control.

This protruding knife edge also improves air entrainment on the inner wall of the air knife cavity. The wind knife is based on the Coanda effect (the phenomenon that the high-speed flow along the surface of the object can attach to the surface at the corner) and air entrainment, providing a stable, continuous, large flow of air.

The elongated knife edge uses the Coanda effect to guide the air to adhere to the surface of the knife edge. In this way, the integrity of the wind is maintained to the downstream of the airflow, and an environment entrained by the surrounding air is created, ultimately increasing the total air volume. This technology The advantages are obvious: a balanced, high-flow, and continuous airflow is guaranteed throughout the blade of the air knife, which means you get a higher-quality, continuous and consistent air-drying process.

In addition to generating a balanced and controllable air flow, our protruding blades facilitate installation and provide a visible reference point for the telephone airway, indicating the direction of the wind, so you can accurately locate and ensure the best Good performance.




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