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Butterfly screw M6 M8 M10 M12

Butterfly screw M6 M8 M10 M12

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 10:32:25
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Product name: butterfly screw M6 M8 M10 M12

Butterfly screw

Butterfly screw function: It is for convenience to screw it directly by hand. It is mostly used in places that need frequent adjustment. It is generally used in electrical appliances. The industry that can use butterfly screws is estimated to only have various faucets, oil faucets, and various liquids. And gas switches, including industrial and civil water faucets, oil faucets and various liquid and gas switches, the amount should still be quite huge.

The butterfly screw is specially designed for convenient hand-tightening operation. The butterfly-shaped design of the head increases the lateral force surface and makes the hand-tightening more efficient. It is mainly used in the display industry, white goods, brown household appliances, telecommunications and Data communication, automobile industry and other equipment that require both insulation and frequent disassembly and maintenance. PVDF screws

Butterfly bolts have high-quality characteristics such as insulation, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, and never rust. Modified engineering plastics have comparable strength and impact resistance to metals. The plastic screws we often say are commonly called nylon screws. After adding 30% glass fiber, its mechanical properties are far better than ordinary nylon. The materials used in butterfly plastic bolts are becoming more and more diversified.


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