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Anti-sun nozzle fan

Anti-sun nozzle fan

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 11:33:26
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Product name: Anti-sun nozzle, fan-shaped

Anti-sun nozzle

Features of anti-sun nozzle:

Body cutting or injection molding, neat edges. Low cost and a variety of materials. Among them, PVDF nozzles, commonly known as "Saigang nozzles", have high temperature resistance (with a temperature of 148 degrees Celsius under a pressure of 7KG). It has high hardness and abrasion resistance, and it has the characteristics of anti-chemical corrosion.

Quick-release nozzles are a small type of nozzles under the nozzles. The reason why they are called quick-releases is that they can quickly replace faulty nozzles in some special applications. This not only improves work efficiency, but also has a very low level of expertise in replacement. It can be said that a novice who has no nozzle knowledge at all can perform operations.

General application of chemical spraying, low-pressure cleaning, printed circuit board production, product cleaning, rinsing, cooling, humidification, chemical manufacturing and spray dust removal, etc. In these application environments, the most widely used is the production of various integrated circuit boards , In the process of use, it is necessary to constantly replace nozzles of various shapes, so that the entire process can be replaced in just one second. Without the help of any replacement tools, the operation can be performed without turning off the mechanical equipment, and the ability to maintain Also improved a lot.



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