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Ceramic nozzle core

Ceramic nozzle core

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 11:44:59
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Product name: ceramic nozzle core
Ceramic nozzle core

Ceramic nozzles have a wide range of applications, ceramic nozzles have wear resistance and chemical resistance.

The sprinkler irrigation function of ceramic nozzles in agriculture has changed the traditional sprinkler irrigation mode, making agricultural production gradually develop towards the road of science and technology. The spray quality of the ceramic nozzle and the excellent flow accuracy.

The characteristics of the ceramic nozzle core: it can withstand static or dynamic mechanical loads under high temperature conditions, and has the characteristics of high melting point and high boiling point, which makes up for the weak points of metal materials that are not easy to oxidize and not easy to corrode at high temperatures. High-temperature structural materials, sophisticated technology, increasing the wear loss degrees. Polycrystalline ceramic structure, high resistivity, good insulation effect, used in equipment requiring insulation. In the material, its strength, hardness and toughness are mainly used. Various materials made of mechanical properties such as sex. It will not be affected under the conditions of strong acid, strong alkali, inorganic or organic salt. Because the product material is non-magnetic, it does not absorb dust and can reduce surface peeling. Integrated nozzle

The materials are carefully selected, and the ceramic products use zirconia and alumina as the main raw materials, with excellent quality.

Ceramic products are processed by hot pressure casting molding, dry pressing powder molding isostatic pressing molding, injection molding and other processes.

Produce according to user needs, assist customers in the development of ceramic products, and replace the original parts of the research and development and trial production.


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