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Integrated nozzle

Integrated nozzle

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 10:48:00
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Product name: Integrated nozzle

Integrated nozzle

Body cutting or injection molding, neat edges. Low cost and a variety of materials. Among them, PVDF nozzles, commonly known as "Saigang nozzles", have high temperature resistance (with a temperature of 148 degrees Celsius under a pressure of 7KG). The hardness and wear resistance are high, and it has the characteristics of anti-chemical corrosion.

Applications: Gas washing and rinsing of printed circuit boards, liquid crystal panel washing, volcanic ash washing, gas washing, dust reduction, etc. Clip-on nozzle

Features of integrated nozzle:

The structure of the throttling device of the standard nozzle flowmeter is easy to replicate, simple, firm, stable and reliable in performance, long in service life, and low in price.

Standard nozzle calculation adopts international standards and processing.

The standard nozzle flowmeter has a wide range of applications. All single-phase flows can be measured, and some mixed-phase flows can also be used.

The standard throttling device can be put into use without real flow calibration.

Use imported single crystal silicon intelligent differential pressure sensor.

High precision and perfect self-diagnosis function.

The range of the intelligent standard nozzle intelligent orifice flowmeter can be adjusted by self-programming.

The intelligent standard nozzle can display cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, pressure, and temperature at the same time.

In addition to online and dynamic full compensation, the intelligent orifice flowmeter also has self-diagnosis and self-set range.

Equipped with a variety of communication interfaces.

High stability.



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