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Thickened spacer sleeve

Thickened spacer sleeve

  • Classification:Locking sleeve and spacer sleeve series
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  • Release date:2021-11-11 15:05:01
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Product name: Thickened spacer sleeve

Thickened spacer sleeve

The function of the thickened spacer sleeve is to install a fixed partition.

The use of the diaphragm sleeve can make the distance between the stages not or less affected by the steam extraction port on the cylinder, so that the axial size of the steam turbine is relatively reduced. In addition, the shape of the cylinder can be simplified, it is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the partition plate can expand freely in the radial direction after being heated, which also creates convenient conditions for the generalization of the cylinder. Part of the domestically-made 100MW, 125MW, 200MW, and 300MW units all adopt the baffle sleeve structure.

The main function of the spacer sleeve: in the middle of the mounted bearing (angular contact bearing), the clearance and preload of the bearing can be adjusted; when the outer side of the bearing is installed, through the spacer sleeve, the force of the lock nut to compress the inner ring of the bearing can be compared Evenly, it can also protect the bearing from damage. There is also ample space to screw the nut during installation, and the wrench is better. The effect is similar to that of the general nut pressing on a flat washer; on the other hand, an oil seal can be installed outside the spacer ring to protect the shaft. Not subject to oil seal wear. Spacer sleeve

It is used to adjust the pre-tightening force of the active bevel gear supporting bearing in the main reducer of the automobile rear axle. It is characterized in that the spacer is a thick-walled truncated cone-shaped single-section wave sleeve, which can be used to replace the ordinary tubular spacer and adjusting shim. Stepless adjustment, flexible control, adjustment of bearing pre-tightening force is quick, simple and reliable.

We have strong professional advantages and comprehensive capabilities to provide customers with professional technical support, high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, we will uphold the spirit of "integrity, truth-seeking, innovation, and win-win", continue to innovate, improve product quality, and fully meet customer needs as the goal, and provide customers with first-class services for a long time. Spacer sleeve (bayonet type)


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