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Connection sleeve

Connection sleeve

  • Classification:Locking sleeve and spacer sleeve series
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  • Release date:2021-11-11 15:21:48
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Product name: Connecting sleeve

Connection sleeve

The connecting sleeve is an indispensable product for connecting the drill rod and the shank, and the drill rod and the drill rod. The connecting sleeve connects two or more drill rods together through a wave thread or a trapezoidal thread. Drill deeper rock holes. Connecting rod shank and drill rod, drill rod and drill rod, sleeve-shaped parts with internal threads.

The connecting sleeve is a connector and drill pipe joint product. It uses high-quality low-carbon alloy steel as raw material, is formed by high-pressure, is treated with real air conditioning, and has high mechanical properties. It is mainly divided into a series of products such as anchor cable drill pipe connectors, geological drill bit joints, handheld pneumatic drill joints, various drill pipe reducing joints and core casing reducing joints.

The connecting sleeve has the following advantages: high centering accuracy: easy installation/adjustment/disassembly; high strength, stable and reliable connection: it can protect the equipment from damage when overloaded, especially suitable for transferring heavy loads. Widely used in heavy machinery, wind power generation, packaging machinery, printing machinery, CNC machine tools, automation equipment and other fields.



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