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Outer hexagonal locking sleeve

Outer hexagonal locking sleeve

  • Classification:Locking sleeve and spacer sleeve series
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  • Release date:2021-11-11 15:22:56
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Product Name: Outer Hexagonal Locking Sleeve

Outer hexagonal locking sleeve

There is a locking rod in the locking body. The lower part of the locking rod is a circular platform body, and the upper part of the locking rod is a handle head with an inner hexagon hole. The circular platform body contacts the steel ball placed in the circular hole of the locking body, and the lock The upper head of the tightening rod extends out of the locking body, and is threaded with the inner thread of the locking body through the external thread of the middle of the locking rod, and the handle of the head of the locking rod is rotated, and the steel ball placed in the hole of the locking body is locked at the bottom of the rod. The truncated cone body is squeezed and diffused or folded to cause the steel ball to protrude or retract the outer surface of the locking body, thereby achieving the function of locking the workpiece. The quick locking pin has the advantages of fast locking, precise positioning and convenient disassembly.

The main function of the locking sleeve: in the connection of the wheel and the shaft, it is a keyless coupling device that realizes the load transmission by tightening the high-strength bolts to make the pressure and friction between the containing surfaces realize the load transmission. It is a keyless coupling. With the structure of the transmission product, under the action of the axial force, the inner and outer sleeves of the lock sleeve shrink inward and outward to make the shaft and the hub fit closely to generate enough friction to transmit the torque, so as to achieve the purpose of mechanism operation. This is how the locking sleeve works.


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