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Yang Bo C-shaped buckle

Yang Bo C-shaped buckle

  • Classification:Locking sleeve and spacer sleeve series
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  • Release date:2021-11-11 15:24:36
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Product name: Yangbo C-shaped buckle

Yang Bo C-shaped buckle

The buckle is a mechanism used for the embedded connection or integral locking of one part and another part. It is usually used for the connection of plastic parts, and its material is usually composed of a plastic material with a certain degree of flexibility. The larger feature of the buckle connection is that it is easy to install and disassemble, and it can be disassembled without tools. Generally speaking, the buckle is composed of positioning parts and fasteners. The function of the positioning member is to guide the buckle to reach the installation position smoothly, correctly and quickly during installation. The function of the fastener is to lock the buckle to the base body and ensure that it does not fall off during use. According to different applications and requirements, fasteners are divided into detachable fasteners and non-detachable fasteners. Removable fasteners are usually designed so that when a certain separation force is applied, the buckle will be released and the two connecting pieces will be separated. This kind of buckle is often used to connect two parts that need to be disassembled frequently. Non-detachable fasteners need to be skewed artificially before the two parts can be disassembled. They are mostly used for connecting and fixing parts that are not disassembled during use.


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