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PP screw M10

PP screw M10

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 10:33:01
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Product name: PP screw M10 

PP screws

PP screws include rivets, washers, gaskets, screws, nuts, spacers and other mass industry components. PP is polypropylene (PP plastic), which is another excellent resin variety developed after nylon. It is a high-density, no side Chain, highly crystalline, linear polymer with excellent comprehensive properties. When uncolored, it is white translucent, waxy; lighter than polyethylene. The transparency is also better than polyethylene, and harder than polyethylene. The screw, a part for construction machinery, has a small cylindrical or conical metal rod with a threaded part on a small cylindrical or conical metal rod. The screw is a part for construction machinery. Dimpled head, used alone

The most important physical performance indicators:

1. The joint between the head and the screw is torsion resistant

2. Whether the head groove, especially the cross head, fits the standard head size of the screwdriver.

3. The thread outer diameter, middle diameter and bottom diameter of plastic screws are standardized. Due to the water absorption of different plastics leading to size differences in different usage environments, this standard is not as strict as metal screws.

The most important chemical performance index

1. Acid resistance

2. Alkali resistance


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