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T-shaped screw PVC material

T-shaped screw PVC material

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 10:41:58
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Product name: T-shaped screw PVC material 

T screw

T-bolt can be directly put into the aluminum profile groove. It can be automatically positioned and locked during the installation process. It is often used in conjunction with flange nuts. It is a standard matching connector when installing corners. It can be based on the profile groove width and different series. The profile to choose to use. T-bolts are movable anchor bolts. It is usually used in conjunction with T-slots and fixedly connected by threads.

The national standard for T-bolts includes GB/T 2165-1991 machine tool fixture parts and components, T-slot quick-release bolts (obsolete), adjusted to JB/T 8007.2-1995, and later by JB/T 8007.2-1999|Machine tool fixture parts and Parts T-slot quick-release bolts replace GB/T 37-1988 T-slot bolts, and there are mechanical standards: JB/T 1709-1991 T-bolts (obsolete), which are used by JB/T 1700-2008 valve parts nuts , Bolts and screw plugs instead, currently commonly used are DIN186 T square neck bolts, national standard GB37, DIN188T double neck bolts, materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, etc., the specifications range from M8-M64, quality control Better quality domestic hardware production-Musheng, has formed a mature technology.


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