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Stainless steel nail gear

Stainless steel nail gear

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Product name: stainless steel nail gear

Stainless steel nail gear

Gear refers to a mechanical element with gears on the rim that continuously meshes to transmit movement and power. The application of gears in transmission appeared very early. At the end of the 19th century, the principle of the generative gear cutting method and the special machine tools and tools that used this principle to cut gears appeared one after another. With the development of production, the smoothness of gear operation was paid attention to.

With the development of science, gears have slowly changed from metal gears to plastic gears. Because plastic gears are more lubricating and wear-resistant. Can reduce noise, reduce costs, and reduce friction.

The movement of a pair of reducer gears is completed by a pair of tooth surface meshing movement. The relative movement of a pair of smooth tooth surfaces also includes rolling and sliding. For the gear that transmits power, it is necessary to study the force and force of the gear. Deformation. Need to apply the knowledge of mechanics. There is lubricating oil between the two tooth surfaces of the gear, and the knowledge of fluid mechanics is involved. If the surface film formed by the interaction between the lubricant and the gear surface is studied, knowledge of physics and chemistry is required. Therefore, under the condition of lubricant, the existence of lubricant must be considered in order to truly and comprehensively reflect the kinematics and dynamics of gear transmission. The gear design of Jiren Lubricant is a more comprehensive and perfect gear design. Stainless steel gear



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