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Stainless steel nozzle joint

Stainless steel nozzle joint

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 10:34:39
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Product name: stainless steel nozzle joint

Stainless steel nozzle joint

The adjustable ball joint allows the nozzle to have an adjustable position for more accurate control of the spray direction. They can accurately align the pipes, and can make the nozzle easy to locate without disturbing the pipe connection. Adjustable ball joints can be used in a wide range of pipeline connections, with large internal passages to minimize blockage, and a smooth finishing sealing surface to ensure leak-proof connections.

Stainless steel joints have great advantages in terms of corrosion resistance. The petrochemical, aerospace, and nuclear power industries are more recommended to use stainless steel.

The essence of stainless steel does not rust is that a passive film is quickly formed on the surface of stainless steel when exposed to air, thereby preventing further oxidation. This passive film has strong acid and corrosion resistance. However, it will rust in some special environments, such as humid environments and sea fog containing salt.

Compared with carbon steel joints, stainless steel joints can be polished and polished to obtain a bright and shiny appearance, but carbon steel needs to be quickly coated with a transparent coating or paint after polishing, otherwise the carbon steel will eventually lose its luster and eventually rust. Stainless steel is not required. Nozzle joint



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