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Stainless steel bevel gear + spur gear

Stainless steel bevel gear + spur gear

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 10:34:01
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Product name: stainless steel bevel gear + spur gear

Stainless steel bevel gear

1. The stainless steel gear pump has a simple and compact structure, and is easy to use and maintain. 2. The stainless steel gear pump has good self-priming, so it is not necessary to pour liquid into the pump every time before starting the pump. 3. The lubrication of the stainless steel gear pump is automatically achieved by the conveyed liquid, so there is no need to add lubricating liquid during daily work. 4. The use of elastic coupling to transmit power can compensate for small deviations caused by installation. When the pump is subjected to inevitable hydraulic shocks, it can play a good buffering effect. Stainless steel spur gear

The bevel gear has high transmission efficiency, stable transmission ratio, large arc overlap coefficient zd, high load capacity, stable and smooth transmission, reliable work, compact structure, energy saving and material saving, space saving, wear resistance, long life and low noise. Among various mechanical transmissions, the transmission efficiency of bevel gears is the highest, which has great economic benefits for various transmissions, especially high-power transmissions. The transmission pair of transmission parts required to transmit the same torque is very space-saving, which is more space-saving than belts. The space required for chain transmission is small; the transmission of spiral bevel gears is stable, and the stable transmission ratio is often the basic requirement for transmission performance in the transmission of various mechanical equipment; the bevel gear is reliable and has a long life. Stainless steel gear



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