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The nature of stainless steel screws

2021-09-21 12:00:00

Regardless of whether stainless steel screws or heat-resistant steel plates, austenitic steel plates have better overall performance, not only have sufficient strength, but also have excellent plasticity and have low hardness. This is one of the reasons why they are widely used. Austenitic stainless steel is similar to most other metal materials. Its tensile strength, yield strength and hardness increase as the temperature decreases; the plasticity decreases as the temperature decreases. Its tensile strength increases evenly within the temperature range of 15~80°C. More importantly, as the temperature decreases, the impact toughness of stainless steel screws decreases slowly, and there is no brittle transition temperature. Therefore, stainless steel can maintain sufficient plasticity and toughness at low temperatures. Tungsten steel screws

stainless steel screw

Comparing the physical performance data of stainless steel and carbon steel, the density of carbon steel is slightly higher than that of ferritic and martensitic stainless steel, but slightly lower than that of austenitic stainless steel; the resistivity is according to carbon steel, ferritic, martensitic and The order of austenitic stainless steel is increasing; the order of linear expansion coefficient is similar, austenitic stainless steel is the highest and carbon steel is the smallest; carbon steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel is magnetic, austenitic stainless steel does not It is magnetic, but it will produce magnetism when it is cold-worked and hardened to transform into a tensite phase. Heat treatment can be used to eliminate this martensitic structure and restore its non-magnetism. pt screw

Compared with carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel has the following characteristics:

1) High cathode rate, about 5 times that of carbon steel.

2) Large linear expansion coefficient, 40% larger than carbon steel, and as the temperature increases, the value of the linear expansion coefficient of stainless steel screws also increases accordingly.

3) Low thermal conductivity, about 1/3 of carbon steel.



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