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How to check the quality of small screw products?

2021-09-21 12:00:00

Relevant inspection of screw products

PP screws

Small screw

For quality inspection, the first inspection of the screw should start from the wire of the screw. The quality of a fine screw is directly related to the wire that produces the screw. The screws opened by the good screw wire are more beautiful. What kind of screw head burst, what kind of thread is not good? A good screw wire usually does not find this situation.

The second is the inspection of the heading and forming of the screws. Before the forming of the screws, the first is the inspection of the molds that produce the screws. A good mold can make a good screw product. It is the inspection of the machine that produces the screws, which is conducive to safe and smooth production. The appearance of the formed screw is inspected to see if there are burrs, and the standard length of the formed screw is inspected. See if these scale lengths meet the national standard or the specific request of the customer.

This time is the inspection of the screw threading. Of course, the first thing the screw rubs is the dental plate. The teeth rubbed by a good dental board must be able to pass the stop rule. All rules pass, only rules stop. There is also an inspection of the thread pitch and so on. It is also necessary to meet the requirements of customers in accordance with the national standard of screws. TT screw

The final step is to perform color inspection and salt spray test inspections on the screws returned from electroplating. Look at the color of the screws after plating. What is the degree of lubrication of the screw? The salt spray test checks the rust time of the screw or how many hours it takes for the salt spray screw to rust. After that, the screw shipment was checked. The method is to select the unqualified screws. Send the best screws to customers. Ensure the quality of the screws.




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