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What are the characteristics and application fields of Dingtai nozzles?

2021-09-21 12:00:00


Body cutting or injection molding, neat edges. Low cost, multiple choices of materials. Among them, the nozzle of PVDF material, commonly known as "Saigang nozzle", has high temperature resistance (with a temperature of 148 degrees Celsius under a pressure of 7KG). The hardness and wear resistance are high, and it has the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance.


Application scope: air washing and rinsing of printed circuit boards, liquid crystal panel cleaning, mountain ash washing, gas washing, dust reduction

Wait. Fan-shaped nozzles can also thoroughly clean chemical dirt. In many chemical productions, the cleaning usually comes from the production process.

Residual dirt and sewage containing chemical substances.

The fan-shaped nozzle is an important component of high-pressure cleaning equipment. The fan-shaped nozzle sprays liquid under the action of high pressure.

There is a great impact. Under the action of this impact, the dirt can be thoroughly cleaned. .

The fan spray can make the working fluid be produced by multiple small holes in the nozzle clamp or multi-tube rake spray; it can also be blown out by the working fluid through the circular hole.

The surface of the mouth or the nozzle of the long circular hole section is sprayed out, and then formed by the V-shaped slit outside the nozzle. Its impact is second only to direct spray with a small spray angle

Nozzle, it can be arranged in a row or multiple drain (cleaning liquid) curtains at a certain interval, for large quantities of crushed gravel, workpieces and at a fixed interval.

Arranged fruits, vegetables, etc. are cleaned in an assembly line; cold (hot) air jets can also be used to cool, dry, and wash parts.



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