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Explain the advantages of the strong wind knife?

2021-09-21 12:00:00

The high-pressure air knife dryer is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools for drying bottles and cans. It cleverly uses the wind tunnel effect to improve drying efficiency and dryness.

The high-pressure air knife drying machine uses a high-pressure blower and a patented air knife to blow dry the water on the outer surface of the bottle/can by using the extremely fast air. Has the following advantages:

1. High-speed wind blows into the wind groove bow|causes the wind tunnel effect, enhances and maintains the high wind speed, so that the water is more easily blown away.

2. The air trough can be equipped with top blowing/neck blowing and bottom blowing functions to make the drying complete in one time and solve the problem of bottle caps that are difficult to dry.

A-B strong wind knife

3. The air trough can easily adjust the device according to the diameter and height of the bottle/can, so that the efficiency is better and the adjustment is easier.

4. Use (materials that meet food hygiene requirements) 304 stainless steel style troughs and a variety of other accessories.

5. With drainage and exhaust (wet) air outlets, it is convenient for water diversion and exhaust. Air knife

6. The air duct (optional accessory) is made of sound-absorbing material and can be covered with a transparent sound-absorbing cover (optional accessory), which is convenient for monitoring and can reduce noise.

7. There are many types and specifications suitable for drying round bottles, round cans, square bottles, square cans, large bottles, small bottles and condensate bottles.



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