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Air knife manufacturers take you to understand the working principle of air knife

2021-09-21 12:00:00

working principle

After the compressed air enters the air knife, it is blown out at high speed with an airflow sheet with a thickness of only 0.05 mm. Through the Coanda effect principle and the special geometric shape of the air knife, this thin air curtain can form a thin, high-strength, high-current impact air curtain with 30-40 times the ambient air. Air knives are divided into standard air knives and super air knives in terms of working mode. The air curtain of the standard air knives is deflected by 90 degrees and blows out, and the air curtain of the super air knives blows out horizontally.


1. The air knife is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. The aluminum alloy air knife is electroplated in the manufacturing process, and the service life is much longer than other similar products. The stainless steel air knife can be used in high temperature and high corrosion environments;

2. "Full airflow" design, that is, the width of the air knife is exactly the same as the width of the air curtain blown by the air knife. There are installation and connection screw holes on the back of the air knife, and the required length can be combined according to the needs;

3. The air knife can drain 40 times the ambient air, and the air consumption is only 1/5 of the traditional blowing pipe;

4. There are no wear parts inside the air knife, and the inner gasket is made of stainless steel, with a service life of more than 10 years;

5. Driven by compressed air, no electricity is needed, and it can be used in an explosion-proof environment.

Stainless steel air knife


The air knife produces a powerful air curtain that can be used in various blowing and air cooling applications, such as:

1. Automobile industry: used to blow off the extra water, coolant, dust, debris, etc. in the manufacturing, and to cool, dry and remove dust before the steel plate is painted.

2. Electronic industry: The electronic circuit boards are quickly dried before assembly.

3. Beverage canning and bottle making: Before labeling, ink-jetting or packaging the beverage bottle, blow off the water and attachments from the mouth or body of the bottle.

4. Chemical industry: Blow off surface chemicals or moisture before labeling or packaging.

5. Food and medicine: Blow off moisture and attachments before manufacturing or packaging, or remove dust from the opening and bag before bagging.

6. Metal industry: blow off coolant or other liquids from the metal surface. The emulsion is blown off from the rolling mill. The surface is dried or cooled before polishing, electroplating, and painting.

7. Rubber and plastic industry: blow off dust or debris on the surface of the product. Dry before extrusion or injection. The product is cooled after injection molding.

8. Printing (Inkjet): Inkjet, blow off dust, debris, and water vapor before printing, or use the ink to dry quickly.



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