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Mixed flow nozzle 1-4 teeth

Mixed flow nozzle 1-4 teeth

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 11:26:33
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Product name: Mixed flow nozzle 1-4 teeth 

Mixed flow nozzle

Design features of mixed-flow nozzle: H-type mixed-flow nozzle can increase the circulating flow rate of a small pump by a ratio of 4:1, effectively prevent precipitation and achieve uniform mixing of the solution.

The H-type mixed-flow nozzle is designed according to the Berboulli jet gravitational principle and using reasonable geometric surface parameters. Together with the pump and the pipeline, it forms a complete liquid jet mixing system.

When working, the liquid enters the mixed flow nozzle under the action of the pump pressure and achieves high-speed movement. Through the fluid momentum exchange, a low-pressure area is formed around the guide port. Due to the pressure difference in the area and the hydraulic momentum acting on the attracted liquid, the high-speed working jet and The attracted fluid enters the mixing diffusion section and sprays out together with a fluid delivery volume of 1:4, so that the solution is mixed and stirred without air. At the same time, the high circulation rate of EDUCTOR can efficiently keep the solution components uniform and active, so that the solution has a uniform temperature and pH value, and the gas, liquid and other chemical components are evenly dispersed, so that the quality of the product can be guaranteed and improved. .

Application areas: electroplating industry, mixing and stirring of solutions in containers such as electric swimming pool liquid stirring

Performance characteristics:

Realize the solution without air mixing and stirring, and reduce the oxidation and decomposition of the solution.

Strengthen the turbulent circulation of the solution and improve the mixing effect of the solution.

Promote the uniformity of the solution and improve the surface treatment quality of the workpiece.


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