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Clip-on nozzle 4 points

Clip-on nozzle 4 points

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 14:21:37
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Product name: Clip-on nozzle 4 in charge 
Clip-on nozzle

Design features of clip nozzle:

Clip-on nozzles, free combination, quick replacement of nozzles, clip-on and installation methods. Easy to install and remove. The sprinklers are linked by threaded balls, which is multi-purpose. The direction can be adjusted arbitrarily and accurately. The nozzle body can be used repeatedly and the nozzle needs to be replaced, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

The adjustable spherical nozzle has two connection methods: clip type (JK type) and thread type (KT type). The clip-on nozzle is fixed on the nozzle by a spring clip. The base of this type of nozzle has three holes reserved. This structure can adjust the clamping degree when the outer diameter of the pipe is different with the double clip and single clip; the threaded nozzle adopts There are two types of thread connection: internal thread and external thread.

The adjustable spherical nozzle provides three spray modes: hollow cone, solid cone and fan. It forms multiple series by directly connecting the spherical sprinkler head or indirectly connecting the sprinkler head through the threaded ball and quick release ball to meet the needs of various applications. During use, you can quickly and accurately adjust the spray direction of the nozzle, so that it is always in excellent working condition.

The nozzle of the adjustable spherical nozzle can be dismantled very quickly. It can be unscrewed directly by hand without any tools. Remove the spherical nozzle, threaded ball or quick release ball from the nozzle body to insert a new nozzle.

General applications: metal cleaning, degreasing and phosphating in surface treatment, and other low-pressure applications.



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