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Giant dragon nozzle fan-shaped cone 1-4 teeth

Giant dragon nozzle fan-shaped cone 1-4 teeth

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 11:25:09
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Product name: Giant dragon nozzle fan-shaped cone 1-4 teeth

Dragon nozzle

Various performances of fan-shaped nozzles: Fan-shaped nozzles have a wide range of performances. They are the most commonly used nozzle type in the industrial manufacturing field. It is a nozzle used in the field of steel mills and dishwashers. Standard fan nozzles (straight thread mounting nozzles) are divided into H/V, H/U, U series large flow fan nozzles, medium flow fan nozzles, and small flow fan nozzles.

Narrow-angle high-impact fan-shaped series. The characteristic of the series of nozzles is to produce narrow-angle fan-shaped sprays with high impact. The sprays of the series fan-shaped nozzles are evenly distributed and the droplets are medium in size. The overall design of the threaded joint of the external pipe, the large and unobstructed flow channel greatly reduces the blocking phenomenon, and the diversion plane processed by the fine process ensures a uniform, high-impact fan-shaped spray shape with a clean edge. Used for washing gravel, high impact washing, removing oil stains, washing fruits and vegetables, spraying on paper machine stabilizing paper frame. Deflection fan nozzle series. The characteristic of the nozzle series is that it can produce a good, high-impact fan-shaped spray shape, the sprayed droplets are evenly distributed, and the droplet size is medium. Wide angle nozzle

The circular nozzles and large and unobstructed flow channels reduce blockage to the minimum. The fan-shaped nozzles are also suitable for spraying air and steam. The series nozzles are also fine guide surfaces, and the spray angle is controlled accurately. Processed from bar material, threaded connection of external pipe. Used for cleaning, rinsing, cooling conveyor belts, water curtains, and fire prevention.


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