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American fan nozzle (cone)

American fan nozzle (cone)

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 11:15:14
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Product name: American fan nozzle

American nozzle

The American fan nozzle is a fan nozzle with a spray shape of various angles. Fan spray form, the edge of the spray shape is very clearly defined, and the finely crafted diversion plane provides a uniform, high-impact spray shape.

The spray channel is large and smooth, reducing blockage. The spray shape is a fan shape with various angles. Due to the influence of the earth's gravity, there will be "edge effect", that is, the fan-shaped profile of the spray produces a tapered edge. The spray particles are fine and uniform, and the spray particles are medium in size when multiple nozzles are arranged. , 25%~30% overlap is required to make the arrangement uniform in the whole direction. Fan-shaped spray that can produce multiple angles. The spray water flow is uniform, and the droplet size is medium. The unit combination connection method is used for easy installation and replacement. Filters can be installed and easy to clean. Can be installed or replaced on most piping systems. Wide angle nozzle

Features of American fan nozzle:

1. Fan-shaped nozzles can thoroughly clean chemical dirt. In many chemical productions, the cleaning is usually from residual dirt and chemical-containing sewage generated during the production process.

2. Fan-shaped nozzle is an important component of high-pressure cleaning equipment. Under the action of high pressure, the fan-shaped nozzle sprays liquid with great impact. Under the action of this impact, the dirt can be thoroughly cleaned.

3. The fan-shaped nozzle needs only a small amount of water to clean any surface, which can save a lot of water resources and meet the requirements of modern industry for energy conservation and environmental protection.


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