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Nozzle set

Nozzle set

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  • Release date:2021-11-11 11:06:30
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Product name: Nozzle set 

Nozzle set

Free combination, quick replacement of nozzles, clip-on and installation methods.

It is easy to install and disassemble. The nozzle is connected by a threaded ball. It is multi-purpose, and the direction can be adjusted arbitrarily and accurately. The nozzle body can be used repeatedly.

The nozzle needs to be replaced for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Spray shape: hollow cone spray, the spray area is annular.

The diversion plane processed by the wide-angle nozzle through a fine process provides a uniform and high-impact spray shape, which can produce a narrow-angle fan-shaped spray with high impulse.

Features: The overall design of the nozzle joint is based on a large and smooth passage, which minimizes the obstruction, reduces the possibility of clogging or eliminates the possibility of clogging. According to the spray effect, it is widely used in different fields.

One-piece cutting or injection molding, neat edges. Low cost, multiple choices of materials, high hardness and abrasion resistance, and resistance to chemical corrosion. The unobstructed liquid flow channel minimizes clogging. One-piece diversion surface design, high-impact flat fan spray shape, edge cleaning, uniform distribution. The nozzle of the adjustable spherical nozzle can be dismantled very quickly. It can be unscrewed directly by hand without any tools. Remove the spherical nozzle, threaded ball or quick release ball from the nozzle body to insert a new nozzle. Mixed flow nozzle


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